Elements of the Year for the year of Jia Chen Yang Wood Dragon 2024


60 Jia Zi pair for the year 2024: Jia Chen 甲辰 (no. 41 of 60)

甲, with pinyin name is Jiá - and in English it is Yang Wood.

辰, with pinyin name is Chén - and in English it is Dragon. 

In the Chinese lunisolar calendar, the 60 Jia Zi pairs are rotated in the year pillar, month pillar, day pillar and time (hour) pillar. 

When Chen is assigned to the month pillar, it is first of the four earth months of the year; for the season of Spring when Wood is strongest. Hence, besides being a Yang Earth 戊 element, it also contains the element of Yin Wood 乙. 

申子辰 (Shen, Zi, Chen / Monkey, Rat, Dragon) has a harmonious water connection called 三合,  and so Chen also contains the element of Yin Water. It is also considered the storage of water 水库, containing the water element of the previous winter (water) season. 

That is why the elements of the year Jia Chen are wood, earth and water. 

木 (wood)

土 (earth)

水 (water)

In the artwork above, generated with the help of AI,  the background green forest has trees (representative of Yang Wood Jia). The Dragon (Chen) itself has yellow colour to represent the element of Earth, with green (representing Wood) and Black (representing Water) scales. 

Enjoy the artwork and have a great new start in the year of Jia Chen Wood Dragon 2024.


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