Pali Chant


Sharing Note:

(1) From the YouTube site: Essential daily Theravada Pali chanting with accurate pronunciation recited by Bhante Indarathana.

(2) Music accompaniment by Imee Ooi.

(3) If you are in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, you can pick up a copy of the complimentary 3 CD gatefold sleeve album from Bhante's host temple (personally I recommend a kind donation in return). 


Namakkāra (Salutation To The Buddha) 1:25

Ti-Sarana & Panca Sīla (The Three Refuges & The Five Precepts) 4:16

Tiratanānusaranapātha (Recollection Of The Triple Gem) 3:01

Cetiya Vandanā (Salutation To The Holy Shrine) 0:36

Bodhi Vandanā (Salutation To The Bodhi Tree) 0:53

Pūjā Gāthā (Devotional Offerings Stanzas) 3:39

Khama Yācanā (Asking For Forgiveness) 1:52

Atthavīsati Paritta (Protective Chant of 28 Buddhas) 4:30

Mahā Jaya Māngala Gāthā (Stanzas Of Great Victorious Blessings) 9:11

Pattidāna (Transference of Merits) 2:11

Puññānumodāna (Sharing Of Merits) 1:19

Patthanā (Aspirations) 1:39

Pañca Guna Pūjā (Five Chants of Salutation) 2:13


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