Watch a free movie on You Tube:《本來面目 Master Sheng Yen》聖嚴法師紀實電影 官方正片 HD Official Full Movie

This movie is a biopic of Master Sheng Yan, 聖嚴法師, uploaded for free viewing on YouTube.

Presented by: Sheng Yen Education Foundation
Produced by: CNEX Studio Corporation
Director: CHANG Chao-wei
Rating: G
Duration: 115 mins
Language: Mandarin, English, Japanese
Subtitles: Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, English, Japanese, French
Type: Documentary
Release year: 2020

Master Sheng Yen Official website:

At 25:43, there is a good "Zen moment" to learn from, particularly for those seeking to find the best Feng Shui premises. As with Zen Buddhism, you need to find your own answers and master your own life. 

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