Mr. Chua

Highest Academic Qualification: Bachelor Degree in Business Administration, National University of Singapore (1992)

Business location: Based in Singapore (WFH - work from home).

Appointment location: Velocity @ Novena Square

"I was launched into the public eye in the month of September, 2002. A reporter contact of mine spotted a story angle in my career change during a chance meeting at the Raffles City mall, and a double page spread in the local tabloid was published as a result. 

Over the past 20 years, I have accumulated work experience in Feng Shui and Ba Zi helping childless couples with pregnancies, helping singles and couples move into their new homes, and entrepreneurs move into new offices with their successful endeavours. Clients have benefitted from my helpful Ba Zi advice and Feng Shui advice."

Press and Media

TV: CNBC Asia (Singapore), BBC World (Singapore), BBC (London)

Print: ANA Inflight magazine, The New Paper, Home and Decor Singapore

Professional Training

Ba Zi Birth Chart Analysis

Yang Feng Shui - for homes and business premises

Yin Feng Shui

Consulting Services:

Ba Zi birth chart analysis for personal guidance only. 

Feng Shui Project for new office move-in. (Fees guide: equivalent of one month's rental)

Feng Shui Project for new home move-in. (Fees guide: equivalent of one month's rental for similar size in the same district)

Note: I may not accept all Feng Shui job enquiries, I usually work through referrals. 

Contact Phone Number

Due to the modern world problem of spam and scam calls and messages, the mobile phone is default set to silent/block for all new numbers. Please send text /whats'app/signal to 91541490.


Hello@purefengshui.com.sg (note: all unsolicited spam will be reported and blocked).


By cheque, cash or electronic transfer.

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