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Thursday, 30 August 2018

Mr. Chua's Contact Details 2018

My apologies if you tried calling my broadband landline phone number 3102 5246 and had not been able to get through. Viewqwest's fibre broadband phone service had been down for 2 weeks. 

And so, to make it easier for you to contact me, Mr. Chua, I have created a new email address above to handle email enquiries from here, and my mobile phone number too. I will be travelling for 2 weeks from 9 Sep 2018 onwards for my Four Seasons - Autumn travel. Please restrict your calls to daytime and work days only. Thanks a lot.

(Both contact details are uploaded as .jpg to prevent spam bots of the wild wild west internet from auto-downloading.)

Friday, 24 August 2018

50th Birthday celebration

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Monday, 6 August 2018

Chinese Lunisolar Calendar Autumn Begins 2018

Autumn Begins
Li Qiu

For the year of Wù Xù, Earth Dog 2018, the Solar Term Li Qiu starts of 7 August 2018 at 21:30 hrs. This is the switchover timing for the month from xīn wèi, Metal Goat to Géng Shēn, Metal Monkey. In the artwork above, a circular shape is chosen to represent the element of Metal, which is the element for Autumn, using the 5 Elements Theory

Li Qiu, Autumn Begins

Friday, 6 July 2018

Feng Shui Travels - Summer Edition - Kyoto and Osaka 2018

Kyoto and Osaka

After a rather hot and humid 2 weeks in the cities of Osaka and Kyoto in Japan, I am back in the hot and even more humid Singapore hometown city. I took quite a lot of photographs while doing my little bit of research on Feng Shui landscapes for the two cities in west Japan's Kansai region. Coming soon.

Luckily I didn't experience any major aftershocks, just perhaps a little thud on the first night in Osaka that I was told about as I had slept through it!

Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Earth element of 2018 so far: volcanos and earthquakes

Earth element of 2018

Much has been said about 2018 being a double Earth element year, and so far, the obvious predictions have been in the actual news - volcano eruption (Hawaii) and earthquakes (Osaka and Kyoto, Japan). News of the earthquake in western Japan (cities of Osaka and Kyoto) were reported this morning (18 June 2018). 

You may have read from my earlier post that I had booked for a trip to Osaka and Tokyo this week as part of the 4 Seasons of Travel theme - summer edition. This is going to be an interesting trip. 

The last time I visited a city after an earthquake struck was in 2011 (year of Xin Mao / Metal Rabbit) to Christchurch, New Zealand. That was the first time I actually experienced one of the aftershocks after an earthquake; just a minor 3.4 rumble. Much of the city of Christchurch was devastated by the major earthquake disaster of 2011. My partner and I went back shortly after the earthquake struck to visit our relatives and friends. 

I am not too fond of talking about natural disasters for the annual comments around the Chinese New Year, because regardless of what year and element it is, if you go to the earthquake watch web site - every day, every week, every month, there is some form of earthquake activity somewhere on this planet of earth. 

As for the upcoming trip on Thursday, Japan's Meteorological Agency is warning the public to be aware of another possible big rumble in the coming days. So besides enjoying the summer weather, I may get to experience another experience of "I Feel The Earth Move", but I won't be singing that song if it does happen! Wish me luck. 

Thursday, 7 June 2018

芒种 máng zhòng Grain In Ear 2018 (6 June 2018)

6 June 2018
From wikipedia:

Mángzhòng, Bōshu, Mangjong, or Mang chủng is the ninth solar term. It begins when the Sun reaches the celestial longitude of 75° and ends when it reaches the longitude of 90°. It more often refers in particular to the day when the Sun is exactly at the celestial longitude of 75°. 

In the Gregorian calendar, it usually begins around June 5 (June 6 East Asia time) and ends around June 21. Introduction of Grain in Ear (芒种) “grain in ear” means the grains are mature. It happens around June 5 every year when the Sun reaches the celestial longitude of 75 degrees. 

During this period, crops like barley and wheat all get mature and are waiting to be harvested. In Chinese, “Grain in Ear” is called Mang Zhong. Mang means grains at the same time busy. It forecasts the farmer is getting back to the busy field work. It is the busiest time to seed millet and the deadline for sowing activities. During this period, areas around middle stream and downstream of the Yangtze River enter the rainy season. Sensing the wetness, the mantis comes out, the shrike starts to sing and the mockingbird stops tweet.

The arrival of Grain in Ear signifies the ripening of awny crops such as wheat and it is also a busy period for farmers. That can be seen from many farm sayings. One of the sayings is, “Getting busy with farm work in Grain in Ear,” prevailing in many provinces. Grain in Ear is especially critical for planting rice. There is a saying in Guizhou that goes, “If you don’t plant rice in Grain in Ear, planting will be in vain.”

(Grain in ear)

The Chinese Solar Calendar is divided into 24 solar terms (节气). There are 4 seasons in a year for temperate countries around the 30 degrees latitude. There are 3 months in one season, and from the 6th of June this current month, we have entered into the 2nd month of summer, and it is called "mang zhong" or "grain in ear". This is the 9th of the 24 solar terms.

The calculation for this solar term is as follows:
where Y = last 2 digit of the year
L= previous leap year/4
21st century C=5.678,
20th century C=6.5

For example, 2010 this year.
So the date and time for 2010's summer "Mang Zhong" is June 6 at about 2:40 am

The first word "mang" (芒)refers to the grains crop that is planted for food in agriculture. [A large and widespread family of plants, the Gramineae (or Poaceae), characterized by usually hollow stems, sheath-forming leaves in two longitudinal rows, and minute flowers arranged in spikelets. The grasses include important food plants such as wheat, rice, corn, barley, oats, and sorghum and also plants for turf and fodder.]

It is a very busy time for agriculture as the grains are mature and ready for harvesting. The remainder of the seedlings that have not been transplanted should be transplanted at this seasonal marker time or else the subsequent harvests may not be as good due to the hot weather - the seedlings do not grow strong enough and may become susceptible to drought weather or insects and pests. For example, sweet potatoe crop have to be transplanted before the mid-point solar term marker of this month, "xia zhi" or else the crop may not produce tubers with good size.

Typical of the weather of this period of time is also the "Yellow Plum Rain" (Mei Yu). This is the time when the yellow plum ripens and it coincides with the gloomy rainy weather. The "Plum Rain" is a welcomed aspect for farmers, as it brings about water for the crops, but at the same time the humidity may encourage rotting and mould. This weather is typical only to the region in China around the Yang Tze River Valley.

Source: Translated and edited from

It is also the month of Wù Wŭ Earth (Yang) Horse, starting from June 6th, 2018.

Later on in the month is the Chinese cultural festival of Duan Wu Jie 端午节 or what is commonly known in English as the "Dumpling Festival" or "Dragon Boat Festival".

18 June 2018
The usual date for celebrating this festival is the lunar 5th day of the 5th month of the Chinese luni-solar calendar.

Saturday, 2 June 2018

Four Seasons Travel - Summer Edition, Mr. Chua Travel Notice

Summer Months of the Luni-Solar Calendar

Summer Begins 5 May 2018
Month of Bĭng Chén 2018
Fire (Yang) Dragon

Ear in Grain 6 June 2018
Month of Dīng Sì 2018
Fire (Yin) Snake

Little Heat 7 July 2018
Month of Wù Wŭ 2018
Earth (Yang) Horse

Mr Chua Travels Summer Edition 2018
I last went for a trip to Osaka and Kyoto in 2013, and will be revisiting these cities in 3 weeks' time from June 21 - July 3. So if you want to book your Ba Zi Profile appointments do it soon for the coming 3 weeks, or you will have to wait until July. 

Here are some photos I took from the last trip. 

Thursday, 31 May 2018

Client Testimonial - Ba Zi Profile

"When choosing a Master, I believe in 缘分(affinity) as there is no "best Master with the best skill", just the most suitable. After several hours of research, I decided to make an appointment with Master Brandon (Mr. Chua). It was his website that attracted me, which I believe he wrote the contents in it himself, as the writing style reflects his personality and characteristic(s). 

Outgoing and easy to communicate with is the main reason I made the decision, as I had too many experiences with masters who are literally in their own world and predicting predicaments in those solemn end-of-the-world faces without explanations.

The Bazi reading with Master Brandon (Mr. Chua) went as well as I can hope for. He has no air around him, which is actually bad branding (!), therefore I felt at ease and comfortable enough to ask anything on my mind, even those that might have been considered stupid questions. I now finally have a deeper understanding of what my Bazi actually means and what those "harmony" (合) or "clashes"(冲)are all about. 

An appropriate analogy is like looking at Mona Lisa without any artistic knowledge, until you read the side descriptions which would explain exactly what to look out for, the smile, the shoulder to head proportions, the background, etc... and you can begin to enjoy the beauty of the painting and/or your life."

Mr. Tai
Ba Zi Profile client, May 2018

edit notes:
(Mr. Tai writes well, edited for some grammar only)
(He forgot that I discourage the use of my old nickname Brandon)

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Buildings of Singapore

Buildings of Singapore - HDB Flats (public)

HDB flat estate
HDB flat (mature estate)
Talk of the town now: expiring leases of 99 lease hold HDB (government/public) flats in Singapore. 

Read more about it via this link :

While property (earth element) prices had been increasing all around the world and here locally in Singapore, the National Development Minister of Singapore called for a reality check last December as reported in the local main newspapers. Resale prices for 99 year leasehold properties had been surging. 79% of households in Singapore are HDB flats, and so this piece of news has hit hard on a majority of flat owners. 

Moving in with Feng Shui

Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Monday, 21 May 2018

2018 - Scandalous, salacious, clandestine, ....the naughty side of Wù Xù 戊戌 Earth Dog.

Guĭ (Yin Water) Wù (Yang Earth) - The Unsentimental Combination
癸戊 - 无情之合

From my articles about 2018, and the Chinese lunisolar calendar, you may already know that we use 60 pairs of Tian Gan - Di Zi pairs to rotate on the Year basis. For 2018, it is:

Tiān Gān : Wù


Dì Zī : Xù

In this article we are talking about the top character, the Tian Gan - Wù, 戊.

There a total of 10 Tiān Gāns 天干, and between themselves they are paired up into 5 pairs:
Jiá Jí -
Bĭng Xìn -
Wù Guĭ -
Géng Yí -
Rèn Dīng - 壬

The Tian Gan of 2018, Wù, 戊 or Yang Earth, is paired up with Guĭ, 癸, or Yin Water. This is combination is also described as 无情之合, that I will translate as "unsentimental coupling", or "loveless pairing".

Here is a simple visualization of this pairing, Wu or Yang Earth is mountain, or the old man. Gui or Yin Water is dew or the young woman. Such is the salacious and scandalous nature of this pairing. 

2018 Wu Xu Earth Dog

While in the illustration above we are using Old Man - Young Woman pairing, do take note that in the Ba Zi Birth Chart, the Wu element can be for a male or female person, and the Gui element can be for a male or female person too. That means using the same principle of scandalous combination, it can also be the other way around; Older Woman - Young Man, i.e. "cougars". 

Year 2013 when it was the Gui Si year / Yin Water Snake

The #metoo scandals had already started in the United States of America since last year, this year will just be a continuation. At the same time, which political figure in the USA is the "older man" and has a wife who is much younger? 

The people who are most at risk this year in the year of the Earth Dog Wu Xu are those whose Ba Zi birth charts have Day Masters belonging to Gui, or if the Gui-Wu pairing is already present in your birth chart. If you are a married person then it just means unwanted attention of that nature. 

The thing is, one can always say no, even though the real situation will be challenging.

No judgement here though, to each his or her own, cougar, dirty old men or not!

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Saturday, 19 May 2018

Shén Shà for the year of Wù Xù 戊戌 2018 Earth Dog

Solitude Stars

The blog statistics of the technical article on the hexagram for 2018 seems to indicate a good reception. I am writing this second article on 2018 based on the Ba Zi "Shen Sha" or "stars" for 2018.


I used the method of Ba Zi Birth Chart Analysis, or 4 Pillars as it is otherwise called. It is difficult to translate the original Chinese words for this practice, literally it means "analysis of life" or "understanding of life". I have a personal dislike when it is commonly called "fortune telling". "Fortune telling" falls into the realm of what I call the "lucky lucky", and is usually related to scammers and merchants selling magic or related products and services. It is a much more sophisticated tool than what most people think it is, as the original Chinese words imply. But most of the time, common people just want to know "what kind of luck" they have or currently going through. 

For my Ba Zi Profile appointments, my emphasis is mainly on the clients understanding themselves better and hence being able to see their own solutions to their own problems, instead of blaming others or looking to others to answers to their own life challenges. Own it.

Ba Zi

In the early days of Chinese birth chart analysis, the emphasis was on the Year of birth, and the early methods used included a lot of "stars" or Shén Shà 神煞 based on year of birth alone. It was only much later on in the Qīng 清 dynasty that the Ba Zi method moved on to the 4 Pillars method of year, month, day and hour, switching to using the Day element as a base element for analysis.

With this switch to the day pillar, we see that a "life analysis" becomes more complicated as we have to churn out a "Ba Zi" or 4 Pillar chart - where the year, month, day and hour of a person is mapped onto Ba Zi chart, and the emphasis is on using the Five Elements theory to analyse, rather than just the yearly Shen Shas or Stars based on year of birth.

There are quite a few books or "classics" written on Ba Zi analysis, with some of them openly criticising the Shen Sha method. In this field, there is a "snob appeal" to scoff at Shen Shas by some of the practicing Masters.

Gu Chen and Gua Su/Xiu - Stars of Solitude

Both Gu Chen (Star of Solitude) and Gua Su (Widow's Abode) are both stars that when they appear in a person's Birth Chart indicate loneliness. Note that the second word in 寡宿 has two meanings and pronunciation - Su or Xiu. When it is a Sù it means premises, home, abode. When it is Xìu, it is referring to the stars sector or palace in astronomy. Either way both have same meaning of loneliness in Ba Zi or Zi Wei Dou Shu Astrology.

With repeated verifications with my Ba Zi Profile clients, its appearance indicates that the person has a personality trait of enjoying time alone, away from people. I do not see it as a problem, just a personality trait. However, sometimes people over indulge in that aspect of their personality that they do not learn to socialize with other people, resulting in poor social development, hence leading to problems with not getting married or finding a life partner later on in life. Then it becomes a problem if the client is looking for love, romance and marriage.

For people born in the year of Pig, Rat and Ox, the Dog is the Gua Su / Widow's Abode Star.

For 2018, being the year of Earth Dog, it is also a Gua Su / Widow's Abode Star for those born in the years of Pig, Rat and Ox.

Year: 1911, 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995
Year: 1912, 1924, 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996
Year: 1913, 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997
Gua Su / Widow's Abode Star for the above three

Loneliness or solitude means different things to different people. For example, my mother is a widow and hence loneliness is there whether it is the Gua Su year or not. For married couples, it may mean that both partners may be happy to be "apart but living together", i.e. each has their own space in their home. A bachelor or bachelorette may be happy to be a happy single, living in their one person world.   

So there is nothing intrinsically wrong nor that bad with this Star of Solitude (my own preferred translation).

It is only a problem if you are under pressure to get married, or start to feel uncomfortable with being by yourself. It is a problem that can be solved by self-effort, to get out there and socialize; provided you want to. In modern life, there are all kinds of classes related to socializing with others, match-making activities sponsored by the government (in Singapore), etc. If only, you will get out of hiding in your shell, to learn. 

So how has 2018 been for you this far?

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