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Happy Chinese Lunar New Year

"Spring Begins" Solar Term 2024 - 立春 LiChun 4 February 2024

Elements of the Year for the year of Jia Chen Yang Wood Dragon 2024

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The Green Dragon approaches as the year of the Black Rabbit reaches the end - Chinese New Year 2024

2024 Year of Jia Chen Wood (Green) Dragon

Happy Mid Autumn Festival in the year of the Water Rabbit Gui Mao 2023.

Price Update 2023 - Ba Zi Birth Chart Reading Appointments S$300

Ba Zi Advice Service

Solar Term for the month of March 2023, month of Wood Rabbit Yi Mao in the year of Water Rabbit Gui Mao.

Wishing all readers a Happy Chinese Lunar New Year (of the Yin Water Rabbit) 2023!