2024 Year of Jia Chen Wood (Green) Dragon

  While the first day of the Chinese Lunar New Year will fall on 10th of February 2024 of the international calendar, Jia Chen (Yang Wood Dragon) will have arrived on 4th of February 2024, the Li Chun day of 2024.  Lunar Chinese New Year: 10 February 2024 Li Chun (Solar Term): 4 February 2024  

Happy Mid Autumn Festival in the year of the Water Rabbit Gui Mao 2023.

  Wishing all visitors to this web site a Happy Mid Autumn Festival (29 September) in the year of the Water Rabbit Gui Mao. 

Price Update 2023 - Ba Zi Birth Chart Reading Appointments S$300

Ba Zi Birth Chart Appointment Charges are now updated to S$300 for the first session and follow up repeat appointments are at S$150 each time.

Ba Zi Advice Service S$150

  Consulting Service for Ba Zi 八字命理 Thank you for considering the consulting services provided by me, Mr. Chua. Consulting fees are  $150  for Ba Zi Profile appointments. The consulting time is set at 1 hour, but I may extend the session depending on the your Ba Zi chart.  Cooperative clients are the best! Please supply accurate data before the appointment:  Date of birth,  Time of birth, and City of birth. Appointment date is confirmed after receipt of input data from client. During the appointment, colour Ba Zi Chart with supporting information pages will be given to help client understand how their Ba Zi Chart are structured and their implications. Ba Zi Chart consists of Natal Chart, 10 Year Triggers, Annual (Year) Trigger. With much effort I have programmed my own Ba Zi Chart software, it is unique and not available anywhere else. The same Ba Zi Chart for each person can be used in two ways to provide insights into:  (a) Personal matters (relationship, etc) and, (b) Work related m

Solar Term for the month of March 2023, month of Wood Rabbit Yi Mao in the year of Water Rabbit Gui Mao.


Wishing all readers a Happy Chinese Lunar New Year (of the Yin Water Rabbit) 2023!

Wishing all readers of this blog a very happy Spring Festival. Enjoy the holidays and may you all hop into a year of abundance, success, good health and happiness. 

Let's learn Chinese! Chinese YouTube video

南懷瑾談“鬼神”!修法時遇見鬼別害怕,分清這幾個特徵,他們也可能是護法神! A good video to learn some spoken Chinese (China) and learn more about Chinese Buddhist philosophy.