First of Twenty Four Solar Terms for the year of Xin Chou Metal Ox - Li Chun Spring Begins 立春

Hello readers of this blog, advance new year greetings to you for the year of Xin Chou, Metal Ox. This coming OX year's Li Chun falls on the 3rd of February 2021. The timing for GMT +8 is 22:58 hours, or 11.58 PM. 

Someone sent me this video about Li Chun:

It is a Tik Tok video in Chinese, and it describes some common observations for the day of Li Chun:

(1) Do not move house on this day, as the Qi is changing and implies no peace
(2) Do not cut your hair (or nails - added by me) on this day, as this means the new shoots sprouting out in Spring are being cut, i.e. arrested development
(3) Do not idle away at home, go outside to experience new Qi of Spring
(4) Do not quarrel nor get into conflicts on this day, as it will be a bad start for the year. Keep your cool on this day. 

Li Chun Riddle

You may have read my earlier articles about the Li Chun day, and so here is a riddle for this Li Chun day:

If Li Chun starts at 22:58 hours on the 3rd of February (+8 GMT), and 4th of February starts at midnight, how long is Li Chun day? 


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