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Successfully incorporating Feng Shui into office and home move-in.

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Moving In - Home and Office

Dictionary definition of Move In:

"to go to a different place and begin to live or work there"

Pure Feng Shui
Mr. Chua

It is common for Feng Shui consultants to offer a menu of many services to clients. At Pure Feng Shui, I do it differently. My focus is on helping clients to move into their new home and office while observing the principles of Feng Shui and Chinese customs. 

The consumer decision making process is made simple and straightforward for the client - just one service to call when you want to move into a new home or a new office. I take on jobs on a project basis that may last from as long as 2 months to years, depending on the type of home or office that the client is moving into. As such I don't work on ala-carte "pick and choose" type of jobs that are commonly offered in the market. 

Word of mouth referrals

Over the past years, the move-in projects that I handled have met with successes. Friends and peers of my clients are smart enough to see the track record for themselves, and want the same thing rather than risking it with the high level marketing pitches of others in this field. My mode of business have been on word of mouth referrals for years, because simply, people trust what they see. I have reduced my marketing and promotional activities to a minimum, just maintaining an online web site platform. 

In one of the testimonials that I have posted in this blog site, there is a couple who are happy with their new born after moving into their new flat. I will post an article on a new start-up business who went on to clinch a S$50 million account for their business. That grateful client have also moved up the fee scale for the next office.

Making it simpler for the client

I have been working full time for the past 15 years and I have refined and crystallised my own way of making Feng Shui work for office and home move-in's. My efforts are focussed on the clients' transition from their existing premises into their new homes and offices, so that they can have a successful new start at their new premises. And so the decision is simple, if you are going to move into a new home or a new office, you can consider contacting me via the email form on this web site, to ask about the first time trial price. 

Frequently Asked Question: 

What is your typical Feng Shui fee for new office move-in?

To be fair to both the client and the Feng Shui Master, the estimate Feng Shui fees will be the equivalent of one month's office rental. In this way, when your business expands and you have to move to a bigger office, you bring your Feng Shui Master along with your business success.  

What if a client has already moved in to their apartment or office and seek Feng Shui services?

Here is my free advice:

Quite obviously the situation is that after moving in, the person may be feeling "things are not right" or may be having unpleasant experiences. 

Just like in the practice of medicine, the old adage "Prevention is Better than Cure" has to be said. 

If this is an office scenario, a good advice is that the client could look into the reasons (the choices and decisions made) leading into their current circumstance, and work on resolving the work related decisions that has contributed to their current unpleasant experiences. If a bad decision had been made, then work on identifying and then correcting the problems caused, and make up for it. Be the change to make your own work life better. Identify problem spots and solve the problems. 

After that, you can call in your Feng Shui Master to help re-align the various aspects of your office move-in. 

Sometimes, things happen in this way to help you realise and identify what needs to be done for you to be able to move forward. 

For homes, if you think there are supernatural matters occurring you are better off calling on your religious leaders for help than Feng Shui Masters (unless the FSM is also a "Ghostbuster"). To my knowledge, all religious organizations offer some kind of service in that area. 

When unpleasant things happen, take time to think about what are the causes - start with yourself first, and question your own motives. Things happen for a reason, so think about what is the lesson to be learnt, what is the experience that you have gained, what mistakes have been made, and how you can go about to correct them to move forward. There is no point calling the Feng Shui Master in if you are determined to keep repeating your old unfruitful patterns. 

Another suggestion is that you might want to have your personal Ba Zi birth chart checked again, it may be a transitional situation as the Ba Zi birth charts has monthly, annual and decade long triggering influences. 

In my own professional opinion, Feng Shui is better off as a prevention than treated as a medicinal cure after problems arise. 

What are your Feng Shui charges for homes? 

I work on $2 per square foot, subject to a minimum of S$3500, regardless of type of property (private apartment, landed property or HDB). 

Subsequent to the first project, if you are going to hire me for new projects, I assume that you have met with some form of success and hence would like to engage my services again. The price of my consulting fees will not be the same again (in the 5 figures and up, depending on the project); please keep that in mind. I prefer to work on a win-win situations where both the client and the FSM benefit from the relationship. 

*2018 rate for HDB* (HDB volume discount)

According to the 2017 government census on households in Singapore, 79% of households are HDB (public housing), 15% private apartments and condominiums, and 5% landed properties. In line with this latest figure, I am waiving the minimum charge requirement for new HDB move-in's, and also as a special bonus for the young millennial generation who are just setting up their household. 

Please call 3102 5246 for further details during office hours. 

Do you offer unit selection service?

I work on a project basis from 动土 (start of renovations) to 入宅 (move-in). But before all that, it has to be a home or office premises that I can work on; sometimes new condominiums have restrictive rules, or that you are renting an office space in a big office building that you do not own. I rather that you as a client engage the Feng Shui Master before committing to the purchase or rental (especially) as my methods may not be applied to the home or office due to the restrictions; that is if you intend to hire me for the project. On-site measurements are required. I usually include the unit selection process into the project fees but take note that the full fees are payable upfront. 

I do not offer separate ala-carte service for unit selection only. If you are buying a property off-the-plan then you will have to bear the risk yourself. 

Can you provide your mobile number so that I can text you after 10 pm at night?

This may sound like a funny question but since 2002 when I first started, it is quite common for clients to do that. Answer is no. Even if you are paying me a million dollars, .... well maybe if you have paid me a million dollars. So, please keep your work calls and text messages to latest 7 pm. You can send an email anytime though, as I read them in the mornings. 

Can you send me a quotation for your Feng Shui services for my new HDB flat move-in?

For your convenience I have transparently published my fee structure on the web site. Just take your flat size and multiply it by 2 and that will be the Feng Shui fees for your HDB flat. This will be a project price covering from start of renovations to your final move-in; it can take from at least 3 months to more than a year, depending on your own schedule. 


Standard size for 4 room flats are 85 - 105 metre square (915 - 1130 square foot). 
Standard size for a 5 room flat is 123 metre square (1324 square foot).

First time introductory fee for your HDB move-in for:

(1) a 915 sq ft 4 room flat = 913 x 2 = $1830
(2) a 1130 sq ft 4 room flat = 1130 x 2 = $2264
(3) a 1324 sq ft 5 room flat = 1324 x 2 = $2648
(4) a 645 sq ft 3 room flat = 645 x 2 = $1292

... more (updated frequently)..

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