Saturday, 7 April 2018

Qing Ming 2018 - Solar Term "Clear and Bright"

The 3 pentads of Qing Ming are:

In the first pentad (of five days) : the Tung Tree flowers (Black Mangrove or River Mangrove)
In the second pentad : the field rats (that like shade) have disappeared
In the third pentad : the rainbow appears

The Solar Term of the Chinese Lunisolar calendar for 2018's Qing Ming fell on 5th of April, when it marked the beginning of the Bing Chen month (Yang Fire Dragon).

As a guideline given by a Taoist priest web site, for the Chinese customary practice of "tomb sweeping" during this time, the period of 10 days before Qing Ming (5 April 2018) and 10 days after is the time frame to do this. 

I remember Qing Ming was a big day for the Chua family when I was a kid in the 1970's. My late father had 7 children, another (late) uncle had 6, and together they drove to my late grandfather's tomb that was located in the Bukit Timah 6th Avenue area (now a posh/expensive condominium estate). As children we just did what we were told to do, but it was fun day out, as you can imagine the number of cousins who get together on an outing like this. In the 1980's with land redevelopment, my grandfather's tomb was dug up and his remains was moved to Bright Hill temple's Columbarium. 

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