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Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Blogger Marketing

Took me a long time but I finally settled on a self-designed business logo for my Singapore-registered business Pure Feng Shui. A lot of thought process had gone into this logo, as being the creative artistic type, besides insisting that the design has to look good, it also has to carry Chinese meanings related to 5 elements and Feng Shui. 

Circle and Square represents Heaven and Earth

Black and White colour represents the forces of Yin and Yang

Yellow is the colour for earth element

The overall shape resembles the ancient Chinese coin, representing the transactional nature of this business, within the guidelines of Yin and Yang, Heaven and Earth. 

Curated Blog

As a verb, "curate" means to organize and select. Like for example, to curate an art exhibition. 

That is the guiding principle for this web site now. You will see that much of the older contents of this blog site had been edited or removed to achieve a focus on Feng Shui, Ba Zi and related Chinese topics. A lot of my older posts involved travels to the Asian region and to Europe and North America, or just my personal rantings. I have moved my photos and other interest topics to another web site. 


I have also moved the web site back to the blogger format as after trying another web site format / host, I realised that I felt more comfortable with this 3 column format with Blogger.com. There were pros and cons of both formats, like potential e-commerce on the other format, and customised forms. In the end I decided to go back to blogger's format even though there are some disadvantages. 

You can now look forward to a web site with curated articles. There are a lot of "fake news" out there on the internet now, or "personal opinions", making it a very confusing time for people interested in this field. It takes me a longer time to write my articles as I will write something, save it as draft, re-read again, edit, and edit again until I think it is good to be published. Sometimes even after publishing the article I will go back to edit again, ... my perfectionist leaning. 

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