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Ba Zi Profie and Feng Shui Client Testimonial - Happy Move-in with Feng Shui to new condominium home

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Saturday, 15 July 2017

Ba Zi Profile - advice for career and advice for personal matters in one appointment.

Ba Zi Profile © appointments by Mr. Chua is held at a public place (a cafe restaurant) in the Newton Road area. Photo above was taken this afternoon after an appointment. I do not take appointments when the sun sets, so the latest appointment time is 5 pm on weekdays. 

When making an appointment for Ba Zi Profile, get your date and time of birth details ready, as well as city of birth. Over the years, I have refined my Ba Zi birth chart reading method. I would like to reveal more but many of my competitors are reading my articles. Happy clients are always referring me to their colleagues and friends. 

I am hoping to find a permanent office space where I can have access to a laser printer to printout the charts. Let's see what the future brings!

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