Saturday, 30 July 2016

Ba Zi Profile - Client Testimonial 2016

"Even though it was supposed to be an hour, Mr Chua willingly and patiently spent close to 2 hours answering my questions and explaining what each and every part of my chart means. He tells you your strengths, weaknesses and what to look out for. As someone who is more well versed in English, I am happy that Mr Chua explained everything to me in English without losing the actual meaning of what bazi actually entails. Best of all, he instilled in me the belief that bazi is not actually set in stone and one still has to work hard to achieve his goals. I come out of the consultation with a better understanding of myself that will equip me for life. Thank you Mr Chua!"

Best Regards,
Hui Min
(Age group 20 - 30)

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