Sunday, 7 November 2010

Sample of my Work - Office Feng Shui

Office Move In

If you are reading my blog, and wondering what I do during the duration of a feng shui project, here are some photos to show you how much time is spent on one project. I was back in Chinatown again this Saturday to follow up on an office renovation. Earlier in the year, I had already met with my client to check the feng shui of this conservation shop-house unit, as part of the selection process. I selected a start work date earlier in October and did the "commencement of renovation works" prayers for this unit. I was back again to overlook the installation of the front door for the office located on the upper floors of this shophouse unit.

 Incoming traffic

Outgoing traffic
"Inside the curve" or "outside the curve"?

 Carp jumping up the dragon gate?

 Retrolicious interior design

 Letting the light into the interiors

As usual, the poor standard of workmanship by the subcontractors from across the border - the metal plate covering is too short on the external side of the door! We can do the best for feng shui, but there simply is no cure for sloppy human work attitudes.

Will have to go back again this coming week to complete the feng shui project, with the "thank the earth" ceremony and hand over the office back to the clients for their own "move in" ceremony. They are a production company and I'm sure their design for the interiors will be superb!

If you are interested to engage me for your office feng shui, do call me before you select the unit! I will be away late December for a vacation in London so book me early!