Thursday, 14 September 2017

Feng Shui for a Professional Creative Space

A few years ago a team of creative professionals was referred to me when they were setting up a creative office space for their business venture. I came highly recommended to help them with the Feng Shui move-in to their new premises. Fast forward to 2017 and they are now expanded into an even larger space for their office. I like the large industrial look of their new office. 

Most people think of Singapore's terrain like a flat piece of paper, but courtesy of Google Maps, the gifted Feng Shui eye can see landscapes and landforms. In simple English we call it macro and micro levels, but in Chinese Metaphysics we call it Li Qi and Li Xiang, both are analysed in unison for a Feng Shui project. 

Glad to see returning clients and their even bigger office space. 

Auspicious date selected, specific instructions given, layout aligned, and now we just wait for the opening opening when I return from my 10 days trip to Seoul.

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