Thursday, 6 July 2017

Client Testimonial - new HDB flat home move-in, new baby.

Master Chua shows depth of knowledge in his field and shares information in a light hearted yet professional manner.

We have engaged him to be our FengShui Master for our new house. From the first meet up session, he has been very approachable and patient in answering our enquiries, and explanation of our bazi. He has made it easier for us to digest by offering solutions and better managing our life ahead. He has been meticulous in ensuring that every corner of our new house has been covered. He has also spend long hours with us in assisting the contractor to tilt our door which is the most important part of a new house.

Soon as we have move in, great news came as we are expecting a new family member(baby) to be joining into our family portrait. This was a joyful moment for both of us and our family members. His services does not just stop after the completing of our new house, he continue to provide us with guidance whenever we have other enquiries. We are really thankful and pleased for Master Chua's guidance and personnel services that he has rendered to us.

Ms Deng
Client source: Referral, Word of mouth
Property: HDB
New Move-In

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